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Delivering powerful digital marketing solutions

For Social Media Marketers, Facebook And Instagram Produces the Best ROI

At YODISO, we believes in delivering powerful digital marketing solution to my all clients. We have a team of highly professional, experienced and digital marketing experts who have been consistently working to stand on the expectation of our clients and today we can proudly say we have 85% of client retaliation ratio. 

Nearly all social media marketers (96%) consider Facebook and Instagram advertising the most effective paid option out of all social networks, according to an eMarketer study. 

One reason is Facebook user size. Billions of people see ads on their platform each month. People spend almost an hour on each day.

What do you expect with us from Facebook Advertisement:

01. Create Ads best fit for your brand.

02. Select the right audience based on the services which you want to promote.

03. Create a design/Creative which fit best to your brand. 

04. Generate a leads/enquiry for your business out of the Ads.

05. Get a real time notification of the generated enquiry via Whatsapp. 

06. Manage your daily budget as per your business size.

07. Daily optimization of your Ad for the optimum result.

08. Get weekly performance report of your Ad.

09. Boost Facebook/Instagram post to get more visibility, increase liker and followers of your page. 

10. Measures your ROI(Returns On Your Investment). 

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